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Enter your Email address prior to accessing the registration page and download Accenta. Accenta is 100% secure with a dedicated server and static ip address assigned to your users. 100% Web server/client technology. You need to download the application on each server. The download size is 6MB. This thin-client technology offers the best security and ease of use. Your users can be located at various sites. DSL connections are required for faster connectivity. Accenta will work with slower modems just as efficiently as with DSL connections.

Send an email to for more information about Accenta.

Accenta is downloadable over the net. You use Accenta with an internet connection. There is nothing to purchase. Accenta is available to ASPs in a server appliance for web hosting TRY NOW!!

1. Enter email address.
2. Click Submit.
3. Register
4. Download Accenta.
4. Use the demo option or
   setup your ERP system
  With Accenta your secured accounting system goes global instantly.
Intraclient develops effective web applications for businesses. ERP, Financial, Documentation and Supply Chain systems in Java allow you to create a global corporation with the click of the browser!