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intraclient Leadership/Cycle of a Transformer Seminars

A study of 4,000 companies

  Asked, let's see the effectiveness
  of your leadership development programs.
  Fifty-eight percent of the companies cited
  significant talent gaps for critical leadership roles. That means that despite corporate training programs,
  off-sites, assessments, coaching, all of these things, more than half the companies had failed to grow enough great leaders. You may be asking yourself,
  is my company helping me to prepare to be a great 21st-century leader? The odds are, probably not.

Why you should attend

Get empowered and learn about the life cycle of a transformer

  • Improving network performance and system reliability
  • Actionable, intelligent transformer life cycle management – how to understand the data
  • Maintaining the power grid now and into the future
  • Transformer condition assessment with laboratory diagnostics
  • In-service, non-invasive diagnostic solutions
  • How to adopt and deploy new, innovative technologies
  • Aligning your workforce with your strategic drivers
  • Focusing on your safety concerns

Register Now


$1,595 USD per person includes breakfast and lunch for all days and all seminar materials. Add $475 USD per person for the optional Lab Seminar on Friday. Learn more about the Lab Seminar here.

Sample the Agenda Topics

  • Transformer Specifications
  • Vendor Prequalification & Design Review
  • Economics—Evaluating Life-Cycle Ownership Costs
  • Core-form vs. Shell-form Transformer Design & Construction
  • Generator Step-Up Transformer Design & Construction
  • Mobile Substations
  • Autotransformers Design & Construction for High Voltage and Extra High Voltage transmission networks
  • Insulating Fluids & Materials
  • Maintenance Best Practices
  • Transformer Field Testing & Diagnostics
  • Load Tap Changer Fundamentals
  • Bushing Design, Construction & Replacement Considerations
  • Transformer Fleet Health Assessment & Power Transformer Spares Strategy
  • Measuring and Locating Partial Discharge
  • NERC PRC-005-02 Requirements for Generation and Transmission
  • Protection System Maintenance & Testing
  • Iso-Phase Bus Diagnostics, Design & Construction
  • Instrumentation & Controls
  • Transformer Monitoring Solutions

Hear from industry experts from SPX, ABB, Siemens, Delta Star, Xcel Energy, Reinhausen, Baron USA, Unifin, Trantech, Beckwith, Southwest Electric Company and Doble.

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