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Baal Musicpod
image of  music appliance.

Balram Shotam is the inventor of the transportable music player (aka Walkman - the transliteration of the word "transportable" in Japanese is moving or walking with a device, which was the word used in the patent)). The prototype was built by Bal in 1972 and used by him while travelling to Europe and Asia to assist in his audio engineering work. The patent was described in a 1974 UK application for which a patent was issued 1976 that covered a device without recording functions and no directly built speakers. Playback was via headphones. The inventor corresponded with Akio Morita who then took the idea and called it the Walkman in 1978. Bal's invention was for sound then, and its about sound today with the Baal Music Appliance.

after the invention several non-music and non-electronic people namely, a Mr. Pavel of S. American origins copied the concept and made claims to Sony who then admitted they did not have a patent on the appliance.

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100 FREE 32 bit 192 Khz ENHANCED TRACKS !! ORIGINAL HITS LIKE YOU'VE NEVER HEARD THEM BEFORE !! "Purchase your Baal Music wav appliance. Connect it to your hifi system and hear your favorite artists like never before. In pure 192 kHz output. Plug and Play.
These tracks are for enhanced listening pleasure. The new Baal 32 bit 192kHz mode output is sound like you've never heard before. Whatever you thought you knew about sound quality forget it.

  • Competitively priced, high-performance appliance
  • Slim, lightweight design options
  • Plug and Play capabilites
  • Secure, optimized operating system for LAN and Internet connectivity.
  • Fast response rates
  • 3 year warranty.
  • User-friendly pre-staged operations. Power up and auto launch.

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