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Waterford College & ePenquin SchoolSystems
bring highly effective and proven improvements to grade school children and ESL students in high school and college. Our systems build solid foundations in critical thinking skills, reading and comprehension and creative writing.
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The ePenquin Plasma Teacher series is an effective combination of lecture notes with the ePenquin software and the plasma tv as a monitor and movie screen, delivering an effective solution for teachers and students.


The ePenquin teacher quides contain the lesson plans for 100 consecutive days of teaching. Divided into segments that facilitate daily usage, the plans are detailed enough to use without prior prepatory work. The software lessons run on the plasma tv and used by the teacher to deliver the software lessons in lecture-mode.

The plasma tv is also used in conjunction with the movie clips and the listen and speak lessons that form part of the Waterford and ePenquin software.

The computer Server is pre-installed for plug and play and the on-board DVD player enhances the movie clip lessons, allowing movies to be shown. The ePenquin Plasma Teacher Series is also equipped with additional sense surround audio to deliver the sound effects needed to underline cultural connotations in the reading material that students are assigned.

SUCCESS IS ABILITY As the worldwide leader in global education and multimedia innovation, we have the vision and the capacity to meet the needs of learning from a complete K6 program to adult language learning and into reading practice. We are committed to providing the best possible value. The special teacher series of the software, plasma tv, server can be shipped for free trial at your request. Schedule a chat session with one of our support staff. Fill in the free trial schedule-form.

Effective learning systems that bring success is the key in today's global village. Let ePenQuin give you the key to success.
The big advantage of ePenquin plasma instruction is that each teacher is in full control of the session. Learning objective cycles are reduced and session achievements improved.

Wemsnet curriculum manager is a comprehensive and effective manager for use with the instructional and assessment software. Wemsnet is easy to use. Teachers can create assignments. When students finish, Wemsnet records their scores. Wemsnet reports help teachers monitor students' progress. Wemsnet can report summaries of assignments, objectives-based results and pre- and post-test results. Teachers can filter the reports by date, student name, or lesson sequences. The Teacher is important in the classroom and ePenQuin's educational software requires the teacher for effective classroom learning.
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