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intraclient Leadership/Cycle of a Transformer Seminars

Big Data and its Unseen Impact.

  Increased access to information can do more harm than good.
  This is because the more information is available, the easier it is for people to cherry-pick information that supports their pre-existing positions, or to perceive patterns where there are none.
  The invention of the printing press may have given rise to religious wars on account of facilitating the development of ideological agendas.
  If you use or sell data you need to know
  on and off-site repurcussions, final assessments, all of these things, that companies have failed to asses prior to embarking on any strategy. You may be asking yourself,
  is my company helping me to prepare for any backlash from big data? The odds are, probably not.
  Find out the various elements involved
  when working with big data.

Why you should attend

Get empowered and learn about the life cycle of a transformer

  • Improving network performance and system reliability
  • Actionable, intelligent transformer life cycle management – how to understand the data
  • Maintaining the power grid now and into the future
  • Transformer condition assessment with laboratory diagnostics
  • In-service, non-invasive diagnostic solutions
  • How to adopt and deploy new, innovative technologies
  • Aligning your workforce with your strategic drivers
  • Focusing on your safety concerns

Register Now


$1,595 USD per person includes breakfast and lunch for all days and all seminar materials. Add $475 USD per person for the optional Lab Seminar on Friday. Learn more about the Lab Seminar here.

Sample the Agenda Topics

  • Transformer Specifications
  • Vendor Prequalification & Design Review
  • Economics—Evaluating Life-Cycle Ownership Costs
  • Core-form vs. Shell-form Transformer Design & Construction
  • Generator Step-Up Transformer Design & Construction
  • Mobile Substations
  • Autotransformers Design & Construction for High Voltage and Extra High Voltage transmission networks
  • Insulating Fluids & Materials
  • Maintenance Best Practices
  • Transformer Field Testing & Diagnostics
  • Load Tap Changer Fundamentals
  • Bushing Design, Construction & Replacement Considerations
  • Transformer Fleet Health Assessment & Power Transformer Spares Strategy
  • Measuring and Locating Partial Discharge
  • NERC PRC-005-02 Requirements for Generation and Transmission
  • Protection System Maintenance & Testing
  • Iso-Phase Bus Diagnostics, Design & Construction
  • Instrumentation & Controls
  • Transformer Monitoring Solutions

Hear from industry experts from SPX, ABB, Siemens, Delta Star, Xcel Energy, Reinhausen, Baron USA, Unifin, Trantech, Beckwith, Southwest Electric Company and Doble.

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